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Manaprāna (Bangla মনপ্রাণ): heart and soul, with one’s whole heart

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Feeling empowered to live a life from your whole heart, embracing it with heart and soul – this is the essence of Manaprāna and is my wish for you and our world.  A wholehearted life means feeling safe in your own skin, knowing that your voice and actions matter, and feeling truly worthy in every cell of your body down to the

tips of your toes. 


During this time of crisis and upheaval in our world, my mission is to support you – whether you are an individual, couple, business, or an entire community – to embrace your birthright, a wholehearted life. 

For this is how we will collectively transform ourselves, and therefore our world – one whole heart at a time.



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Intuitive Counseling

Sessions for individuals/partners/families/groups combining my intuitive & learned skills with your innate wisdom and healing power for lasting transformation

Business Coaching & Empowerment

Developing & facilitating wholehearted leadership and business practices, supporting and empowering staff for a satisfying, resilient, and productive workplace.


Workshops, classes, presentations and other fun happenings


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Contact Me

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Thank you for contacting me! 

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