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Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive Sessions

Individual/Partner/Group - Online or In-Person

Intuitive Sessions

What is an Intuitive Counseling Session?

Intuitive sessions are a collaboration between my intuition and skills and your inner wisdom, the part of you that always knows what is best for you.  I practice empowered coaching and healing, with the goal to unlock your connection to your higher consciousness and give you tools to readily access it at any time, for you are your own most powerful healer. 

The goal of our work together is to help you uncover subconscious beliefs, blockages, wounds, family patterns, intergenerational trauma and karma that are holding you back from leading a wholehearted life or having a wholehearted relationship, or group dynamic.  I will guide you in not only addressing, and mending, but also transforming that which no longer serves you, empowering yourself for lasting change.


Tools we will use are rooted in positive psychology, somatic experiencing, energy medicine, body-mind wisdom, gem- and aromatherapy, divination, and neuroscience. 

I like to combine holistic techniques that address not only the energy body, but also the rational mind, the heart center, and the spirit – for we are a blend of all four, and addressing only one makes for lopsided mending.  

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are not easy - no matter what the nature of the relationship is, be it significant other, friendship, family relation, or a professional connection.  

I'm happy to provide psychospiritual support to smooth out wrinkles and soothe wounds where needed. In addition to the tools mentioned above, I coach you in using and practicing open-hearted/non-violent communication, how to operate from a place that feels emotionally safe to everyone, and the importance of validation.  I also provide a soul level reading to determine the underlying connection of the relationship(s), that can help you understand the patterns that exist. 

This is available for partners, families, co-workers, community groups. 


Online or In-Person

I offer sessions either in-person, if we happen to live close to each other, or online.  The process is largely the same for both!

All sessions trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed.

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"Yasmeen is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

It will knock your socks off!" 

- Caryn Z.

"I have felt such an amazing difference from seeing Yasmeen! Truly amazing!" 

Mary-Ellen H.

"Thank you very much for your healing energy, wisdom, and insights.  I felt uplifted emotionally and physically.  My husband noticed a big change in me."

- Lynne W.

"Yasmeen helped me open a new door for myself. Thank you for nurturing my energies to bring them into the light."

- Heather K.

"I am beyond grateful to you… I feel a total release and for the first time in months feel high on life."

- Amy J.

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Business Consulting & Empowerment

Business Coaching & Empowerment

Business Consulting

I love combining my 20+ years of experience in the business world with my intuitive arts skills.  In my experience a business is only as strong as the wellbeing of its employees, including the leadership team, as well as the impact it has on the world.  I offer coaching, training, developing and facilitating wholehearted leadership and business practices for organizations and individuals.


Additionally, my experience as an environmental sustainability professional will lend itself to advising and assisting your business to embrace environmental sustainability standards, or develop a sustainability plan, so that your business can be part of the solution.  


I also offer facilitation services, from staff or board retreats, to strategic planning, goal setting, or development strategy meetings.  I have professional experience in all of these areas of business operation, in addition to fostering employee wellbeing.  Any person who feels whole, heard, validated, and has a workplace with a wholehearted group dynamic, will be able to show up with heart and soul and with unstoppable force to foster the wellbeing of the business. 

Nonprofit Renewal & Support

Nonprofits are essential in bringing about change in this time of crisis our world is facing.  From personal experience, I know how draining this type of work can be.  I would love to work with your organization – be it with individuals, teams, or the entire staff – in validating and supporting your experience, developing tools for increased resilience, self-care, ways to avoid burn-out, and renewal.  The workplace reflects the energy and wellbeing of each employee, and each employee reflects the tone of the workplace. 

My renewal and support services include coaching you in creating a productive, deeply satisfying, sustainable, and wholehearted workplace as well as facilitating renewal retreats for your staff. 

All services are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

All my services are trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed.


  • Mindfulness

  • Guided visualization

  • Yoga/Qigong

  • Non-violent communication

  • Body-Mind Wisdom

  • Psychospirituality

  • Neuroscience

  • Art as therapy

  • Empowerment coaching

  • 20+ years business experience 

  • PhD in Sustainable Development

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Legal Disclaimer

Yasmeen Hossain is not a licensed physician, veterinarian, or other health care professional and she is offering her services solely as a complementary and alternative health care practitioner.  Her services are not to be construed as medical treatment, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or any type of therapy, nor is it a substitute for these services.  By the word “healing”, Yasmeen is not treating, curing or diagnosing conditions. 

Client understands that Practitioner’s services are consultative in nature and that decisions made and actions taken, based on input or advice from Practitioner, are ultimately the complete responsibility of the Client. Client further understands that Practitioner shall have no liability or responsibility for any actions of Client taken (or not taken) in connection therewith. Practitioner makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, as to results to be achieved, or as to the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by Practitioner.

Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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