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Books! Books! Books!

For the past 15 years a book has been bubbling up, elbowing its way to the surface of my conscious brain, and is now finally on the brink of bursting forth into the world. I'm thrilled! And as it turned out, it was not just one book but two! Congratulations it's twins! 

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What do ancestors of spirit and ancestors of blood have to do with my search for belonging? Everything!  It is through my conscious connection with them that I learned about myself, my truths, my karma, and most importantly just what belonging might mean.  With a healthy dose of humor and spiritual and not-so-spiritual self-help exercises and advice, I invite the reader on a journey of exploration to find out what significance belonging has in our lives, why we crave it, and how we can achieve it. 

We follow my ancestors of blood from the Mongolian steppes to war-torn Germany, go on an expedition to Egypt retracing the steps of a past life I remember vividly, connect with ancestors of spirit, and engage in some ancestral healing.  Finally, reconciling that the notion that belonging, may not be attributed to a place, or a culture.  Perhaps it relates to self-awareness, knowledge of my inner depths and embracing both the light and the shadow aspects of my soul combining them to form a whole. Perhaps, we all simply belong to ourselves.

Photo: My paternal grandmother riding her beloved horse (a woman wearing pants - gasp!) at the Rajshahi Police Academy, Bangladesh, 1965

by Yasmeen Hossain, PhD

Ancestors of Spirit, Ancestors of Blood 

A Tale of Belonging


Alaska roadtrip and first week there 138

In my experience, life is not a particularly pleasant experience, there are potholes, clogged toilets, and not to forget scratchy wool sweaters.  Relationships are just about the hardest part of it, not to mention all the many childhood wounds each of us carries, pile ontop of that ancestral trauma, soul karma, socio-economic and political injustices in the world, and constantly being bullied by our shadow self to do wicked deeds.  But don’t worry, this is not a depressing book that just goes on and on about how hard life can be. In fact, I’d like to think of it as an uplifting self-help book. Sure, we will dive into the darkness of my experiences together, but we will always come out the other side, a little bit wiser, with more insight into how the universe works, with new spiritual and sometimes even physical tools in our toolbelt, and most of all having laughed together at the ridiculousness we call human life.

Photo: Kali roadside altar in Kolkata, India during the Holi Festival, 2005

by Yasmeen Hossain, PhD

Don’t Practice your Spirituality, Live it!

..and other sage advice I received


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